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Remembering Cartoon Town and The B.J. & Dirty Dragon Show


The definitive documentary of the two kid shows called the most imaginative in America.



The town rocked with strange, comical residents.  The Postmaster ate the mail.  The old lady ran the boarding house, whooped, hollered, road a motor scooter, and baked a scrumptious dessert called Chocolate Muzzie.  The Town Monument, a big lump of clay, got bored easily and became something new everyday -- and he talked funny.  Only B. J., the town mayor, could actually understand him.  Once inside the city limits your world changed. 

Enjoy a delightful reunion of childhood friends! B. J., Dirty Dragon, The Blob, Mother Plumtree, the Old Professor, Wally & Weird, W. C. Cornfield, the Thumptwangers, The Lemon Joke Kid, Doctor Doompus, Foo Foo and Fergy Martian, Mertz the Martian Meanie, and Gus Gus Gorilla all await you.

Back comes the fun -- Whozit, Draw to Music, Hokey Theater Players, "Is there any mail?," the Thumptwanger musicals, highlights from "Blast off to Mars!" and "Dirty Dragon Meets the Monsters" -- memories from television shows that we will never see again.



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